Soggin, J. Alberto (1984) [Rezension]:

Soggin, J. Alberto, A History of Israel. From the Beginnings to the Bar Kochba Revolt, AD 135. [Translated by John Bowden from the Italian Storia d'Israele, dalle origini alla rivolta di Bar-Kochba, 135 d.C. Brescia 1985. Casa Editrice Paideia]. London © 1984. SCM Press Ltd. ISBN 0-334-02043-3. xviii-436 p., 18 fig. [357-367: Appendix 1: Conrad, Diethelm, An Introduction to the Archeology of Syria and Palestine on the Basis of the Israelite Settlement. 368-383: Appendix 2: Tadmor, Hayim, The Chronology of the First Temple Period. A Presentation and Evaluation of the Sources]. - Rez.: JTS 37 (1986) 450-451 (E. W. Nicholson).

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