Fisher, Loren R. (Hg.) (1972):

Fisher, Loren R. (Ed.), Ras Shamra Parallels. The Texts from Ugarit and the Hebrew Bible, Vol. 1. Associate Editors: F. Brent Knutson and Donn F. Morgan (Analecta Orientalia, 49). xxiii-537 p. Roma 1972. Pontificium Institutum Biblicum (I. Antoon Schoors, Literary Phrases; II. Mitchell Dahood, with the collaboration of Tadeusz Penar, Ugaritic-Hebrew Parallel Pairs; III. Jack M. Sasson, Flora, Fauna and Minerals) [2 further volumes planned, to treat Motifs, Formulae, Institutions, Place Names, Personal Names, Divine Names, Wisdom, Literary Structures].

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