Oppenheim, A. L. and Brill, Robert H. and Barag, Dan and von Saldern, Axel (1970):

Oppenheim, A. L. - Brill, Robert H. - Barag, Dan - von Saldern, Axel, Glass and Glassmaking in Ancient Mesopotamia. An Edition of the Cuneiform Texts which Contain Instructions for Glassmakers with a Catalogue of Surviving Objects. viii-242 p., 10 pl., 10 + 101 + 51 fig., map. Corning, N. Y. 1970 [ersch. 1972]. The Corning Museum of Glass [29f.: index of Kuyunjik texts; 1-101: A. L. Oppenheim, The Cuneiform Texts; 105-128: R. H. Brill, The Chemical Interpretation of the Texts; 131-199: D. Barag, Mesopotamian Core-Formed Glass Vessels (1500-500 B.C.); 203-228: A. von Saldern, Other Mesopotamian Glass Vessels (1500-600 B.C.)].

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