Pritchard, James В. (Hg.) () [Rezension]:

Pritchard, James В. (Ed.), The Ancient Near East. Supplementary Texts and Pictures Relating to the Old Testament. vIII-274 p., 30 pl. [= p. I-vII, 501-710 of Ancient Near Eastern Texts3 (1969); p. I-vIII, 341-396 of The Ancient Near East in Pictures2 (1969); each $30.00; together $50.00]. Princeton, N.J. 1969. Princeton University Press. $15.00 [65-82: A. K. Grayson, Akkadian Myths and Epics; 83: A. Goetze, Hittite Myths, Epics, and Legends; 87-92: J. J. Finkelstein, Collections of Laws from Mesopotamia and Asia Minor; 93-94: A. Goetze, Egyptian and Hittite Treaties; 95-105; E. Reiner, Akkadian Treaties from Syria and Assyria; 106-111: J. J. Finkelstein, Documents from the Practice of Law; 120-131: A. L. Oppenheim, Babylonian and Assyrian Historical Texts; 137-150: S. N. Kramer, Sumerian Hymns; 153-155: S. N. Kramer, Sumerian Wisdom Text; 156-171: R. D. Biggs, Akkadian Didactic and Wisdom Literature; 175-183: S. N. Kramer, Sumerian Lamentation; 187-196: W. L. Moran, Akkadian Letters; 201-209: S. N. Kramer, Sumerian Sacred Marriage Texts; 210-216: S. N. Kramer, Sumerian Miscellaneous Texts; 235-240: Addenda to the second edition]. - Rez.: Bib Ar 32 (1969) 79 (A. Anonymus).

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