(Hg.) (1965) [Rezension]:

The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Editorial Board: Ignace J. Gelb, Benno Landsberger, A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner. Vol. 2: В (A. Leo Oppenheim, Editor-in Charge; Erica Reiner, Editor; Robert D. Biggs, Associate Editor; with the assistance of John A. Brinkman, Michael B. Rowton, Aaron Shaffer, and Ronald F. G. Sweet; Assistant to the Editors: Jean Eckenfels), XVIII-336 p. Chicago/Glückstadt 1965. The Oriental Institute/J. J. Augustin. DM 88. - Rez.: Or 35 (1966) 304-318 (K. Deller).

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