Malamat, Abraham (Hg.) (1964):

[Malamat, Abraham (ed.)], אברהם מלמט, מקורות לתולדות ישראל וארצו בתקופת המקרא. תאלף השני לפסה״נ Sources for Early Biblical History. The Second Millenium B.C. In Hebrew Translation. IX-386 p. Jerusalem 1964. Mif‛al Hashichpul [I. From the Land of Hebrew Origins. Akkadian Documents (Mari, Nuzi); II. Canaan before the Israelite Conquest. Egyptian Documents, Akkadian Documents (Taanach, el-Amarna, Alalakh, Ugarit); III. Canaan during the Israelite Conquest and Settlement. Egyptian Documents. International Treaties (Akkadian, Hittite, Egyptian). Assyrian Documents].

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MacQueen, James G. (1964):

MacQueen, James G., Babylon. 260 p., 18 fig., 3 maps. London 1964. Robert Hale.

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Malamat, Abraham (1964):

Malamat, Abraham, Organs of State-Craft in the Israelite Monarchy (El ha-‛ayin/“Back to the Sources”. Materials for Bible Study Circles 41). 57 p. Jerusalem 1964. Issued by the World Jewish Bible Society and the Israel Society for Biblical Research. Siwan Press Ltd.

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