Dentan, R. C. and Bull, L. and Speiser, E. A. and Cameron, G. G. and Burrows, M. and Welles, С. Bradford and Dinkier, E. and Bainton, R. H. and Obermann, J. and Schubert, P. (1955) [Rezension]:

Dentan, R. C. - Bull, L. - Speiser, E. A. - Cameron, G. G. - Burrows, M. - Welles, С. Bradford - Dinkier, E. - Bainton, R. H. - Obermann, J. - Schubert, P., The Idea of History in the Ancient Near East (1955) [17:a:16]: RSO 31 (1956) 191-6 (G. Furlani); Syria 32 (1955) 347-51 (L. Le Breton); BLOT 1956, 17 (S. H. Hooke); Or 25 (1956) 423-4 (A. Pohl).

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