Frankfort, H. and Frankfort, H. A. and Wilson, J. A. and Irwin, W. A. and Jacobsen, Th. (1946):

Frankfort, H. - Frankfort, H. A. - Wilson, J. A. - Irwin, W. A. - Jacobsen, Th., The Intellectual Adventure of Ancient Man. An Essay on Speculative Thought in the Ancient Near East (Introduction [H. Frankfort - H. A. Frankfort] 3-27 — Egypt [J. A. Wilson] 31-121 — Mesopotamia [Th. Jacobsen] 125-219 — The Hebrews [W. A. Irwin] 223-360 — Conclusion [H. Frankfort - H. A. Frankfort] 363-388). VI-401 p. Chicago 1946. University Press. Doll. 4.

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Goetze, A. (1947):

Goetze, A., Old Babylonian Omen Texts, IX-16 p., 138 pls. New Haven 1947. Yale University Press. Doll. 7.50.

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