Ehrich, R. W. and Kantor, H. J. and Albright, W. F. and Braidwood, R. J. and Perkins, A. and McCown, Donald E. and Goldman, H. and Weinberg, S. S. and Lauriston, Ward (1954) [Rezension]:

Ehrich, R. W. - Kantor, H. J. - Albright, W. F. - Braidwood, R. J. - Perkins, A. - McCown, Donald E. - Goldman, H. - Weinberg, S. S. - Lauriston, Ward, Relative Chronologies in Old World Archeology (1954) [17:a:16]: ВО 13 (1956) 8-9 (A. Parrot); cf. 17:c:44.

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