Düring, Bleda S. (Hg.) (2015):

[Fs Wiggermann], Düring, Bleda S. (Hg.), Understanding Hegemonic Practices of the Early Assyrian Empire. Essays Dedicated to Frans Wiggermann (Consolidating Empires Project I = PIHANS CXXV). Leiden 2015. VI+314 S.

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Kertai, David and Nieuwenhuyse, Olivier (Hg.) (2017):

[Fs Wiggermann], Kertai, David - Nieuwenhuyse, Olivier (Hg.), From the Four Corners of the Earth. Studies in Iconography and Cultures of the Ancient Near East in Honour of F.A.M. Wiggermann (AOAT 441). Münster 2017. 323 S.

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